Asian cultural Cinema Symposium, 29 September – 2 October


Free entry for films :

LASALLE College of the Arts, Faculty of Media Arts is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural Asian Cultural Cinema Symposium.Themed Human Spaces, the symposium looks at film as space to reflect the collision of the human condition and cultural constructs. The symposium aims to collate and publish findings that can unravel ways to centralize marginalized “voices” that exist in different spaces through film.


  • Anand Patwardhan
  • Khavn De La Cruz
  • John Torres
  • Sherad Anthony Sanchez
  • Jan Philippe Carpiores
  • Ato Bautista
  • Ho Yuhang
  • James Lee
  • Liao Jie Kai
  • Ying Liang
  • Rayya Makarim
  • Dang Di Phan
  • Rithy Panh
  • Bounchao Phichit
  • Uruphong Raksasad
  • Panu Aree
  • Megan Doneman
  • Prasanna Jayakody

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