Video Games Killed the Video-Game Star

Dead Island

“The writer, academic, and game designer Jesse Schell gave a talk at a 2010 game-industry conference in which he laid out the many ways in which Gamification is poised to invade modern life, largely through Facebook and other social-media platforms. In the talk, Schell imagined a future world in which we might get achievement points for doing things like brushing our teeth or working out. A lot of people, including the esteemed game thinker Ian Bogost, have since recoiled in horror from this future,2 but others have proved more enthusiastic proponents of Gamification. Probably the most prominent of these is Jane McGonigal, whose book Reality Is Broken makes the argument that games have become so enticing precisely because real life is so comparatively drab. Anyone who finds real life lacking when compared to video games has basically given up on life. (Believe me: I know.) That is certainly sad. What it is not is any kind of a solution.”

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