Simpsons introduction by Banksy.

Screened October 2010.

“The scene, which shows scores of Asian children producing animation cells for “The Simpsons” in hyperbolically grim conditions (one child throws kittens into a shredding machine to produce stuffing for Bart dolls, while another seals boxes of the dolls with a decapitated dolphin head tape dispenser) mocks the means of production behind the show’s own making; much of the animation done for the show has been produced by various companies in South Korea, including AKOM and Sunwoo Entertainment’s Anivision Studios. The sequence is puzzling, as it portrays both Rupert Murdoch‘s 20th Century Fox Studios as well as the creators of the show itself in an unflattering light, although the show hasn’t been afraid of taking swipes at its parent company’s owner in the past.”

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